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Mac powers a pro, way beyond the professional technicalities. But what happens, if your Mac PCsuffers disorders or require defective parts replacements. You would definitely be on the lookout for repair centers. Certainly, at TOPTECH, you would have guaranteed repair service with efficient and precise solutions. A few problems which you would face with your Mac PC can be resolved with exceptional customer service and quality repairs. At TOP TECH, we offer and cater to the business needs through top-notched Mac repairs. Your MAC system can be easily rectified or resolved through three main scheduled points: Inspect: We, a group of expert computer repair technicians revise all repair guidelines and procedures to thoroughly testthe performance of your Mac System. We analyze and review all that wecan do to outperform your system for maximizing your business. Repair: We never leave any problem incomplete with repair either incomplete or half-done. You gain fast and efficient services through queries made online to save time and resources. Protect: Your data is our asset. We take appropriate measures to protect your data from getting erased by mistakeor through incomplete installations of software's.

Mac Book Overheating

Mac Laptops/Desktops in general become more susceptible to getting overheated while being used for long hours. Overheating usually results from long hours of usage like playing video games, the streaming of videos, and squeezing of internal components into small areas.

Solution to Overheating

If your Mac PC or Mac Book shuts down while working, it may be due to random overheating of the system in use. These issues are resolved by reducing the prevailing useof the system or exposure to rising temperatures in the parts that degrade the ultimate performance.

Steps for Preventing overheating issues

  1. Elevate/ lift your laptop in caseof excess heating problems.It's always advisable to elevate your Mac Laptop using a Griffin Elevator (costing approx.$35) which comes with an aluminum frame to matchtheMac Book'ssimpledesign.
  2. Avoid Soft surfaces. If the elevation procedure does not help, please place it on a hard surface rather than a softer one to prevent excess heat absorption.
  3. Don't Use a FanControlling Software. The Fan Controlling Software usually increasestheheat generated while using and needs to cool down. Hence, it is not advisable to run the Fan Control Software in such cases.

Mac Book Spilt with Liquids

God forbid if any liquid is spilt on your Mac Book/Laptops. Don't panic, but simply follow the procedures given below to avoid such instances:

  1. Take apart the laptop.
  2. Clean the Motherboard with an industrial electronic detergent.
  3. Dry out the motherboard.
  4. Inspect the Motherboard for errors/bugs with a microscope.
  5. Replace all corroded logic board /motherboard circuit components.
  6. Troubleshooting the Motherboard with logic board schematics.
  7. Replace faulty parts or components like transistors, capacitors, resistors,logic gates, amplifiers and so on.
  8. Test the motherboard.
  9. Assemble the laptop.
  10. Test the laptop by hardware tests.
  11. Test the laptop bysoftware tests

No battery, No Lights

Suppose that everything you did had been right, but the system would not switch on. What would you do? Modern Mac Pro laptops generally have a longer charging potential.Theremaybe some scenarios where the system,wouldnot work after all the hard-work. Considering the importance of current or electricity, overcharging your Mac Laptop can cause irrecoverable problems. Avoid placing of laptops on smooth surfaces rather than the harder ones.Ensure that you don't overcharge thelaptop's battery lest it may either not work or cause overheating of the system used.

Mac Broken Keyboards(WIRED ONES)

Never let this happen again! : Keyboards determine the efficiency of a system. What next? We at TopTech provide you with the listed solutions to counter the broken keyboard issue: 
Check forPower: Check if your wired keyboard has been correctly plugged into thesocket of the Mac PC/laptop. Once again check for any lose cords behind the Mac PC and ensure that the keyboards are not yanking out.
Try Changing the Connection:  Try changing the USB Ports if thereare any free USB sockets. If it (Mac PC)doesnot work, the USB Port isfaulty.
Restart the Laptop: Restart the Mac system to see if the rebootingrecognizes the keyboard.

Mac Broken Keyboards (WIRELESS ONES)

Check for Power:  If the Mac Keyboardis a brand of Apple's wireless keyboards, you would need to check if the batteries have enough power and that the keyboard is turned on.
Check the Bluetooth Connectivity: Watch out for any Bluetooth connectivity options and its activated. Once these are done, ensure that the keyboard and Bluetooth are paired.
Restart the Laptop
Disconnect the Keyboard: Once the batteries have been replaced, and power supply is ensured, and thekeys don't work, then disconnect and reconnect the keyboard to the Mac.

How to fix a Damaged Keyboard?

If by any chance, your wired keyboard or wireless one gets damaged, thenfollow the steps below as a preventive action:

  • Unplug the Keyboard
  • Turn over the Keyboard
  • Blot the Keys
  • Blow compressed air over it
  • Leave the keyboard dry for atleast 12 hours
  • Check the keyboard before plugging in again

MIX UP Keys on the Mac System

  • Go to System Preferences->Keyboards and check for Input sources with the keyboard selected according to the country.
  • If the issue is not resolved. Then try these:
    • Try to press the Option/ALTKey five times. A common shortcut for on and off in the Mac system.
    • Open System preferences. Accessibility.
    • ChooseMouse and trackpad.
    • Deselect /Enable Mouse Keys.
    • Click Options.
    • Deselect the optionkey for five times to Toggle (for Switching of) the keys.
    • Click on OK.